Content Specialist, Champion Content Specialists
June 2018-Present

This is my own company. It was established in June 2018 on one overriding principle, that every product created for my clients express the core benefit of establishing a lifelong relationship with the client and/or their company. The quality of content and service only improves with every deliverable, and I will not permit any work to be delivered half-baked.

Calm Castle LLC, Marketing Lead
May 2018-July 2018

I had so much fun working at Calm Castle. Tenay (the owner) is a natural born leader and a gifted stager. Her's was a basic three-month contract I took on earlier this year. My responsibilities included developing her social media profiles on and yelp, and training the full-time marketing manager she brought on. Short, sweet, and neat.

Income Mobile, Brand Strategist
January 2017-Present

Income Mobile is an up and coming company that is well positioned to rock the law profession with an incredible new product. Indeed, none too few palms will be colliding with faces when people realize what it is. They will wonder why they did not think of it. I have worked with the company on an ongoing basis for the last year and a half providing consultation type services. This is where I found my copywriting coach. The team at Income Mobile is insanely talented and energetic, and they are ready to carve out a new niche no one even knew was there.

Altaika, Manager
September 2017-December 2017

I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun working. This job started as providing care to the aging US Ambassador, Alberto Piedra, who served in this senior diplomatic capacity in Guatemala during the 80s. Although the job was not immediately relevant to my skill set, I was excited to accept the opportunity to work with and learn from such a wise person. I then met his son who owns Altaika, a luxury clothing outfitter that offers handmade sheepskin vests from Kazakhstan. I was responsible for getting the website fighting-fit, and for creating short-form descriptions for each vest. This was a rather unorthodox writing assignment. The resulting copy stretched the limits of credulity and resonated with a 50s style of advertising.

Northwestern Mutual, Financial Representative
July 2016-January 2017

Seven of the best months of my life. Counter-intuitive, I know, since I was making a bunch of sales calls every day and being told no about half the time. Nevertheless, it was such a pleasure working with Josh Parish that the hurt never lasted long. Under Josh's direction, every rejection became an injection of a lesson focusing all my attention on bringing my craft to perfection (I should start writing rap lyrics). My biggest takeaway from working with Northwestern Mutual is that a strong leader makes all the difference between a fun job and a painful job.

Joseph is a hard worker who is always conscious of what's best for the team. He is not afraid to jump into new tasks with both feet and ask intelligent questions to understand both the spirit and the law of his projects.

Tenay Guvendiren