The following is website content produced for DC startup ChefXDoor which offers a unique opportunity for DC home chefs and new selections for local foodies.

Leaked From My Pen LLC 
Delisa Treshelle Brown 
Author Coach

Find her website here.

DeLisa made my job very easy and straight forward. She is a strong and passionate writer in her own right, and her warm personality, enthusiasm and humility made the process very enjoyable. I helped her re-organize the introductory pages of her website to increase the flow of traffic and the amount of time people spent on her website. I also produced the following short piece of original copy for her cover page.

Javier Piedra
Luxury Outfitter

Working with Altaika was a thought provoking one. The challenge was to take this startup and determine the best approach to moving several hundred sheepskin vests off the shelves and into the hands of consumers on a somewhat limited budget. As a result, the copy needed to teeter on the edge of credulity. It needed to make the audience laugh, cry, pine, huff with moral indignation, and break out in small smiles of amusement. Each vest was unique and the short-form descriptions that accompanied them needed to likewise be unique, shareable, and entertaining. If it succeeds in its purpose, visitors to the website will not be able to help but share the website with their friends and neighbors, thus achieving a steady stream of organic traffic to the website.

The Bio

This is a long-form bio I wrote for a client in India. He has become a good friend, and I look forward to seeing him succeed in his business.

To protect my friend's privacy. I have replaced his name with [Asoka].