"Joseph Villarrubia was a student of mine in his first semester at Mount St. Mary’s University. He has a remarkable capacity to frame ideas in bold, lucid language, an ability I recognized in him right from the start, along with his passion for the life of the mind. It pleases me greatly to see that he has pursued a career in writing, which I believe suits him very well."

Dr. Thane Naberhaus
Professor of Philosophy
Mount St. Mary's University

And Just a Dash of Odd

I love telling stories. Always have. Ask anyone in my network, and they will tell you the same thing. Joseph loves telling stories. Sometimes they are drawn out, stretch the boundaries of credulity, and are often embellished, polished, and then scribbled on with a permanent marker. But hey, who’s judging?

Every word has the power to change the way you feel about yourself, your worldview, and the words themselves.

I recall one of the first stories I wrote was about an old lady who had a talking teapot. I was six...maybe? It seems whenever I remiss about my childhood I am 4 or 6 or another even number. Which is strange because my personality is borderline odd. Wish I still had that story, but it seems it went out with my family’s ancient Dell computer years ago.

The most striking motivation for my writing was that it provided a powerful outlet for all the jumbled thoughts and ideas that swam around in my head during adolescence. During that dark time of sorely confused emotions, all manner of denizen was born—in other words, I wrote about zombies...like all the time.

It has since become an avenue for critical, organized thought that I rely upon heavily in every aspect of my life. I have written letters to employers, friends, and loved ones when the spoken word fails me. I even write prayers and essays on philosophy. Albeit, that last is a product of a liberal arts education.

I am currently writing a novel about a young warrior maiden named Kaia. She is cast out from her home when she is but 19. It seems a certain lord coveted her sister and so had her husband, one of his footmen, killed in battle. It only gets better from there.

Finally, we arrive at the business. Why did I become a copywriter? That’s a question I get asked a lot. Honestly, it happened rather by accident. I was working as a sales rep for a company that offered print media services to professionals. It did not take one of the partners long to realize that I was not too great at person-to-person sales (putting it lightly). Thankfully, the partner also recognized that I have a talent for writing. He proceeded to guide and direct my copywriting career for several months.

In May of 2018, I had a few projects of my own, and not long after I officially decided to go freelance in my spare time. So here I am, a young man building his writing portfolio and searching for his niche. Honestly, more of my time is spent training than actually creating content. If only there were a few more hours in the day!...said every writer ever.