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That is a great question.  If you are in a services business, chances are that thousands of other people can do what you do. You are the answer to a problem, that is why you are in business. What removes all doubt from someone's mind that you are their personal solution at the first encounter?

Many people use one of 3 methods:

1) I am an expert.
2) I provide the best service.
3) I can solve your problem.

All good methods, but there are two that prove more so:

1) Here is why I place your needs before my own (personal marketing).
2) Here is an irresistible offer (non-personal marketing).

Why will you work with me instead of the thousands of other copywriters out there?

Because I tell your customers or clients to go to heaven, then sell them your products or services to make the trip more enjoyable.

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I will make you look like a champion.

No Elevator Speech Required

My initial offering is FREE: I help you to clarify your why and transform it into a one-sentence statement that tells the world why you are in business. No elevator speech required.

Hello, my name is Joseph Villarrubia, and businesses give me money to grab the attention of, present information to, and solve the problems for their target audiences.

Enjoying the Journey

The buyer's journey is the trip your customers take from encountering your brand to buying your products. They will go through the following stages:

1) Awareness: Your potential buyer becomes aware they have a problem.
2) Consideration: The buyer identifies and tags their problem and seeks information to better understand it.
3) Decision: The buyer selects a solution.

Here at Champion Content Specialists, we provide services that help you do the following:

1) Understand the hopes, dreams, and goals of your target audience from a human perspective and document the results.
2) Create video and written content that supplies helpful information to your prospective customers.
3) Create written website or funnel content that closes the deal.

Benefits of Content Marketing

There are several key benefits that come with including a content marketing strategy in your overall marketing plan. Here they are:

  • Visibility for your brand
  • Increases the Lifetime Value of the Customer (LTV)
  • Builds awareness and trust in your brand
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Sets you up a thought leader in your space
  • Improved lead generation and website traffic
  • Improves engagement through comments and shares
  • Contributes to the buyer journey in a positive and provocative way
  • Provides value without expectation of gain.

    That's All Well and Good But What On Earth is Copy?

    Good question. When we say "copy" we're mostly talking about "sales copy." That is, written content meant to sell products or services.

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    I am in the business of making you look like a champion. Drop me a line.

    DISCLAIMER: Not all copy contained on a client's website is a product of mine. Once a client is in possession of a product they have full rights to edit, expand, or change the copy in any way. This online portfolio contains only the copy originally provided.

    Unless otherwise specified I maintain copyrights to all my work. That said, please reproduce my work in other places, just be sure to provide my name and email address when you do. Many thanks!

    "Published work/copy" refers to any copy that was actually produced for and provided to a client.